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What is The Podcast Maker Weekend?

The Podcast Maker Weekend is a diverse series of podcasting workshops that runs alongside the London Podcast Festival. It features a range of sessions on the art, craft, technology, business and politics of podcasting, with sessions to suit beginners and experienced podcasters and audio makers alike. Our speakers come from the world of podcasting and broadcasting, including some of the biggest names in audio as well as independent makers and creators at independent production houses. Our sessions are diverse in topic and presenters, and affordable for attendees.



Will be particularly useful if you’re new to the world of podcasting and just want to get started – covering technical, business and marketing aspects of getting a new show off the ground.


Focus on growing the audience for your podcast, making a show on a budget, monetizing your podcast, or creating branded content.


Features makers in a particular genre picking apart their shows – how they made them, and what you can learn.


Covers where podcasting is at in 2019, approaches to making work, and technical deep dives into creating innovative audio.


A dedicated cluster for the audio fiction makers out there, including tech, performance, and How I Made This sessions,

schedule of sessions


SEPTEMBER 26, 2020

1pm: How to pitch your podcast

Emmanuella Kwenortey

Pitching your podcast can be a key part of getting a commission, funding, or sponsorship – but it’s also an opportunity to really understand the strengths, weaknesses and audiences of your new show idea. Ema Kwenortey will show you how to tailor your pitch to commissioners and to create a well-structured pitch that’s a template for success.

Emmanuella Kwenortey is Assistant Commissioner at BBC Sounds. She started making radio at university before joining BBC World Service as a freelancer working on programmes Outlook, Fifth Floor and The Conversation. She joined BBC Sounds in 2018 and has since worked on a range of titles including Money 101, Go Ask Your Mother and Pride & Joy. She became Assistant Commissioner in August 2020.


3.30pm: Making a podcast during lockdown

Suchandrika Chakrabarti


If you want to start a podcast and don’t know how to begin, Suchandrika will show you how.  Using budget kit and remote recording, she ‘ll show you how to make a podcast under lockdown, even if you’ve never worked in audio before. You’ll learn to work out which areas of your home work best for producing good-quality sound (sometimes that’s a wardrobe), and, aside from the technical stuff, you’ll look at what makes a good podcast name, logo and jingle. 


This session will show you that publishing your first podcast episode under lockdown is easier than you think!


Suchandrika Chakrabarti is a freelance journalist, podcaster and comedian from London. She makes Freelance Pod, which is about how the internet has changed creative jobs. It was shortlisted for a Lovie Award for Best Host in 2019. She also made Black Mirror Cracked from 2017-8.



6pm: Hey, it's ok: First Year Mistakes

Scott Flashheart

It’s not a mistake, it’s a learning opportunity (and wow, I’ve learned a lot!). A light-hearted look at some of the most common mistakes people make when starting a podcast, and what you can do to avoid them. 

Scott Flashheart is the multi-award-winning creator of Probably True, the multi-award-winning podcast series telling hilarious yet heartwarming stories of queer life and even queer-er sex. (Think Carrie Bradshaw meets Lily Savage.) Alongside this, he founded the Queer Podcasters Network, an organisation dedicated to connecting, inspiring and enabling LGBTQ podcasters and audio professionals around the world.



SEPTEMBER 27, 2020

1pm: Audio Drama on a budget

Ella Watts


If you’ve got an idea for a drama or storytelling podcast, this session is for you, as Ella Watts talks you through the way that your favourite shows were made on duct tape and paperclips, and explains how you can do it too.


Welcome to Night Vale started life in Cecil Baldwin’s basement. The first seasons of The Magnus Archives were almost entirely recorded in a blanket fort – making audio fiction does not have to break the bank. 


Ella Watts is a podcast producer at BBC Studios. Coming from a background in audio fiction, Ella has worked on a number of independent podcasts, including Wooden Overcoats, The Unseen Hour and The Orphans.




3.30pm: Sound Design, Simplified

Axel Kacoutié

Learn the basics of mixing and scoring and sound design to level up your podcast production.

Axel Kacoutié is an award-winning Sound Designer who’s been working with sound, music and words to challenge the familiar and revive the magic in the mundane. His work has featured on the BBC, Channel 4, and NOWNESS. He is also the Sound Designer and theme composer for the Guardian’s daily news podcast, Today in Focus.


6pm: How I Made This with Kathy Tu and Avery Trufelman

Kathy Tu and Avery Trufelman

Kathy Tu is the Supervising Producer of The New York Times Opinion Audio. Previously, she co-hosted Nancy, the critically-acclaimed queer storytelling podcast. She’s also worked on Radiolab, The Memory Palace, Masterpiece Studio, and others. 

Avery Trufelman is the host of the podcast for The Cut. Before that she was a staff producer on the design podcast 99% Invisible for seven years, where she created the spinoff show Articles of Interest. She’s also the host of Nice Try! a podcast about utopian experiments from Curbed. 

In this masterclass, Kathy and Avery will each talk through how they created one of their favourite pieces. A rare opportunity to hear these influential producers discuss their much-loved work.

You can listen to the pieces they’ll be talking about here: Kathy’s Nancy piece, “Taiwan!”, and Avery’s “Separation Anxiety”, her 99% Invisible piece about Taiwanese trash trucks.



The Podcast Maker Weekend was started in 2017 by Martin Zaltz Austwick, with support from Zoë Jeyes and the London Podcast Festival team.

In 2020, Sarah Myles of Rise and Shine and Martin Zaltz Austwick created the online programme.

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