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Audio Fiction


In the DIY world of independent audio fiction, there is no one right way to make a podcast. From ensemble cast dramas recorded in studio with live foley, to setups made entirely at home on the cheap with things like remote recording and sound effect libraries, our panellists are here to give you the swiss army knife of creative skills you need to get started on making your dream a reality. We’ll be discussing everything: from recording, sound design and production, to writing, performing, and the oft-neglected art of directing audio drama. Come with questions and an open mind, and don’t hesitate to find our panellists afterwards.

David Devereux

David Devereux is a writer, sound designer, musician, audio producer and giant space nerd based in Glasgow, Scotland. He is the founder of Tin Can Audio, and currently has two audio fictionpodcasts: sci-fi story ‘Tin Can’ and horror-comedy ‘Middle:Below’ with a third ‘The Tower’ scheduled for release in September 2019. He is also an editor for Rusty Quill, primarily with their sci-fi comedy show ‘Stellar Firma’.

Hedley Knights

Hedley Knights is a full-time sound engineer working in TV, radio and podcasting for clients such as the BBC, Sky Sports, NBC, Audible and BBC Radio. He produces and composes for the sci-fi sitcom podcast We Fix Space Junk as well as writing theme tunes and music for various other shows.

Meghan Fitzmartin

Meghan Fitzmartin is an award winning writer, currently working on the second season of her superhero audio drama, RED RHINO. She has worked on the series ‘Supernatural’, having written the episode “PEACE OF MIND”. In addition to work in TV and podcasting, Meghan also writes for animation — most recently DC Super Hero Girls.



SEPTEMBER 15, 2019 


10:00 – 11:00