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How I Made This

Kathy Tu and Avery Trufelman

Kathy Tu is the Supervising Producer of The New York Times Opinion Audio. Previously, she co-hosted Nancy, the critically-acclaimed queer storytelling podcast. She’s also worked on Radiolab, The Memory Palace, Masterpiece Studio, and others. 

Avery Trufelman is the host of the podcast for The Cut. Before that she was a staff producer on the design podcast 99% Invisible for seven years, where she created the spinoff show Articles of Interest. She’s also the host of Nice Try! a podcast about utopian experiments from Curbed. 

In this masterclass, Kathy and Avery will each talk through how they created one of their favourite pieces. A rare opportunity to hear these influential producers discuss their much-loved work.

You can listen to the pieces they’ll be talking about here: Kathy’s Nancy piece, “Taiwan!”, and Avery’s “Separation Anxiety”, her 99% Invisible piece about Taiwanese trash trucks.




10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm UK




 £ Pay What You Can