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Introduction to Podcasting

If you’ve got a great idea for a podcast, but need some help getting started, this is the session for you. A panel of three industry practitioners will walk you through your first tentative steps into the world of podcasting – how to come up with your idea and put it into action, what hardware you need to record, and what software you need to edit and sculpt your finished product.

This is a session not to be missed! We will end with a Q&A where you can get your podcasting questions answered by the panel.

Leanne Alie

Leanne Alie is a Podcast Project Manager at one of the UK’s largest radio stations, specialising in podcast marketing. She is also the founder of In-clued Consulting, which is a firm specialising in diversity consulting services for the audio and creative industries. She has worked with the British Podcast Awards and the London Podcast Festival to develop their diversity strategies and aims to improve representation within the audio industry.  She’ll be talking about what makes a podcast great, and the basics of getting it heard.

Kat Molesworth

Kat Molesworth is a podcaster, entrepreneur and social media expert. Kat presents the hugely popular Blogtacular Podcast where she delves in the careers of her guests covering creativity, the internet and everything in between. In 2013 she founded Blogtacular, the conference for creatives working in the digital space, which has boosted the careers of thousands of digital natives over the years. Kat is fondly known as the oracle thanks to her boundless knowledge of blogging, social media and digital marketing which she shares generously. When she’s not working you can find Kat behind her sewing machine or under a tree. Kat will be giving tips on presentation and content to new podcasters. From how to get the most out of a guest to how to create a makeshift sound booth out of things you already own this session is designed to get your podcast off to a slick start.

Sarah Myles

Sarah Myles is a podcast and audio producer, Sarah runs RISE & SHINE a project to help open the doors to the audio industry. She has spent the best part of the last ten years working in audio production with a wide range of clients. She’s also an experienced editor and award-winning sound designer.



SEPTEMBER 14, 2019 


10:00 – 11:00