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Sound designing imaginary worlds


How do you create the sound of something that doesn’t exist? Creative sound design is a skill and an art that’s not only relevant to creators of audio fiction. From podcasts about the near and far future, to charting historical events, genre fiction and pop cultural events, producers are often called upon to make the impossible. Here to provide practical guidance and inspiration is legendary producer John Dryden, a multi-award winning creator of audio drama and master of making the unreal, real.

John Dryden

John Scott Dryden’s most recent project is PASSENGER LIST, a fiction podcast series with Star Wars’ Kelly Marie Tran, is being launched by Radiotopia/PRX on 16th September. For the past three years he has been based in New York where he was Director of Scripted Content at Panoply Media. He was responsible for a number of shows including the hit fiction podcast LIFEAFTER which he directed.  He has made numerous award-winning radio dramas for the BBC too, including the historical epic TUMANBAY, which he writes and directs. He won a coveted Peabody Award for THE DAY THAT LEHMAN DIED, a drama about the collapse of Lehman Brothers Bank. John is currently director of Goldhawk Productions Ltd



SEPTEMBER 15, 2019 


12:00 – 1:00